BeagleBone Android Thread

So I got a Beagle Bone Black, anyone else have a beagle board?

I want to put android with SGX support on it but I have to compile it via serial in a 64 bit linux distro

I'm linux-illeterate soooooooooooo, I need help I have no Idea what to do

I don't have any capes, just a USB, uHDMI, and 5v PSU and a 4Gb SD card

What linux distro does your PC run on?

Do you want to customize your Android install?

Do you run it with another Android OS on SD already?

Depending on how much help you need, I could talk you through it if you want (irc maybe convenient), I saw that the website you linked is pretty complete, you'll be sorted in no time.

Um it said to use 64 bit Ubuntu

I want hardware acceleration to play emulators and netflix and youtube app if possible.

I barely can use the windows command line,

do you have Ubuntu installed already?

Go with 12.04.1 LTS version, later versions will probably give you grief for the intended purpose.

Terminal is a default application, but you have to install some extra packages before you can go ahead, as described on the page you linked. Tell me if you're ready, I'll explain some basic things about the command line so that you don't run into problems.

It's really not difficult at all.