Be quiet! Base 800 vs NZXT H440

Hey all, I've been looking for a good case that's also fairly professional looking, I agree with Logan's view of not liking the "gamer" aesthetic, and was looking for a full or mid case that fit this description. In part because of how the cases look, as well as the noise reduction capabilities of both, I've come down to either the be quiet! Silent Base 800 or the NZXT H440. To be blunt, which one is better? I can expand on what I would want out of the case if needed, thanks.

Please expand.

Personally I find the H440 to be far more beautiful, and is a personal favorite. But that's me.

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I will admit I like how it looks a bit more, and would prefer to buy it since it's ~$25 cheaper on Newegg. Thanks

A case is basicly hard to recommend, cause its a very personal thing.
I like the NZXT H440 cases for the looks.

Fractal Design R5, or Phanteks Entoo or also good cases.

My next case is gonna be the H440 is very good looking and have some sound proofing.

Good point. I'm sensing a theme of preferring the H440 here, I think I have my answer. I liked how it looked more, anyways. Thanks all

Silent base 800 is a shit case, on top of that very hard to find. Better off with an Enthoo pro

Ok, I have both cases, starting of with the SB 800, then moving on to the H440. And here's my conclusion.

The Plastics are flimsy and low quality, the finish is poor, and the I/O/Power/Reset PCB is very low quality, on the SB 800. It's no match for the H440, which has high quality solid plastic trims, good grade metals, and the PCB for the fan hub and I/O/Power/Reset buttons/sockets is very high quality. Seriously the panels on the H440 are amazing! I Paid £10 more for the H440 and its worth it. In fact, the SB 800 is over priced....

... and is hidden away serving my FreeNAS.

But to be fair, it looks nice and I like the HDD mountings in the cage. it's Be Quiet's first case and hopefully they make a massive improvement next time.

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