BattlEye good or bad?

So I found some free fps games that look good and priced right…free!
But they require I install BattlEye.
Any good experiences?
Any bad experiences?

IIRC battleeye is crap


They added it as an optional requirement on servers in Unturned a while back. It got rid of some of the hackers at first and would show notifications when it did such. I think a month or two later it seemed to be doing nothing. My experience has been that anything to stop people from cheating just burdens honest people and gets circumvented by cheaters.

In that specific case I believe it is just made a part of the game. In the server filters you can filter out the BattlEye servers, but I haven’t specifically had a problem with it either way.

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The first implementation I’ve seen was in ARK. It caused a hiccup every minute or two. Seems to have improved. Many devs use it as it plugs into ue4 and is cross platform.

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is pret gey