Battlefield Vietnam v 1.21 and SiMPLE no-cd fix with widescreen suport, but no mods

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone can help me with this, I own the CDs, so nobody get upset about that. The problem is under windows 10 Battlefield WILL NOT BOOT AT ALL without the no cd patch. Something about Safedisc? IDK. Old DRM. anyways, I’m having a weird issue where I can run the base game, but whenever I try and go to a custom game it yells at me to put in a cd. Now, I want to keep this modded .exe because it supports widescreen resolution. But I also want to play with mods. Anyone else have this problem?

I can’t help directly as I don’t have the game but hopefully something in here will help.

It may be that you need a different modded exe that also supports wide screen and is fixed.

Good luck.

Back up your existing install and then mess with all the options availavle and see if any are better.

yeah safe disk was a pain in the ass.
often it would be blocked by your antivirus and once installed on your system stayed there. even after you remove the application that initially installed it.

game copy world was a site i used to get no cd patches. back in the day. its probably still got the no-cd patch you want…

oh and before some start shouting for me to walk the plank.
this is legitimate advice given by the people who released age of empires.
after they got masses of complaints about not being able to play the game because of the safedisc error.

oh just be aware you use these patches at your own risk… GCW has been used to disseminate malware before. but thats typically been in game trainers.

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yeah that’s what I’m talking about, That’s where I got the SiMPLE no cd crack in the first place. Now last time I was able to use the Joker SS no cd patch and get mods to work, but that patch has no widescreen support. Also it doesn’t work now for some reason. I’m hoping one of the big brains on here will take a look at the game and tell me how to fix the patch I have to work with mods, since mod support has been in the game since launch nearly 20 years ago, I figure it’s some sort of conflict. Or it could be something as simple as the order of patch install, I just have no idea, and I’m pulling my hair out. OH in addition, I forgot to add, the game yells at you even if the disc is in the drive, it’s very much a software conflict.

try disabling your anti virus if you know the game is clean.
stick it in the cd player and then launch it in compatibility mode for windows xp.
you may also have to install DirectX 9.c

as for the screen mode. you can try adjusting the ini files. it might work if you just change the horizontal and vertical res config options.

yeah I have tried all of that. disabling anti virus does nothing, putting the disc in does nothing, I have directX9c installed already, and you can set via the INI files, but the menu gets distorted/ and or disappears. (the last part I’ve only heard about, it appears fine to me, just weirdly stretched.)

try this i found it elsewhere.

  1. Go to <path-to-game>\Mods\BfVietnam\settings\ .
  2. Open VideoDefault.con with an editor like Notepad.
  3. Modify the line renderer.fieldOfView with a new value.

1 - 4:3 (default)
1.33333 - 16:9
1.2- 16:10
1.25 - 15:9
1.75 - 21:9

if you dont have the mods folder then try to find the file video.con and edit it where you find it.
this should sort out the stretching after you increase the screen size.

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I shall try that, but I’m more interested in preserving the modability of the game. As I said, the current patch adds in multiple HD resolutions, including 1440p, which is my default monitor.