Battlefield 3

Hey guys. I recently purchased Battlefield 3 Premium edition. I played from release to Karkand, on the PS3, so I'm not new to BF3, but new to it on the PC.


So, I'm looking for some people to play with. Preferably a group of people that play on a somewhat regular basis. 


My username is Jeffe1122, feel free to add me. I'm on just about every night.

thats why, i wont be buying bf3 till its 15bucks or less for preimum edition.....

add me AMERiSTAR1

add me Notoonah

Join Raze the World platoon. :) I will add y'all, and welcome to the team Soldier.

I believe to game but a handful are worth over 40 USD, but BF 3 Premium is not a bad deal. As for the video, the guy most likely was using hacks because he is using about one or two bullets per kill, which that gun is not capible of doing. Furthermore he kills two people with four bullets, which with that gun is about how much it takes to kill one person. 

I was concerned about hackers too, but now that ive got bf3 on pc, and have played about... 50 hours give or take 5, i havent encountered any hackers. ( I play on European servers, that includes russian servers as well) It is really less of an issue than you think.

DICE is super critical about hack busting. Unlike CoD or CoHackers or Hackers Duty. It's god awful there. 

I added everyone who posted and applyed to join the platoon. Thanks for the quick responses guys. 

Feel free to add me.. Funky_B457ard.

just bought premium as well, any one feel free to add me i dont have any friends on battlelog!      snardvark


Feel free to add me also. "MsScary" without quotes. (wifes acct.. hijacked it cuz she hates the game and Im  not buying premium again).

I love BF3! Add me on Battlelog @           Pfannyyy

BF3 or rather EA's Origin PISSED ME OFF! I bought bf3 premium for pc from GameStop and origin wont even launch on my pc Steam will always be king,ruling over Origin!

YUP.... Origin is a total POS, and IMO, browser based launches suck goat nuts but thats EA/DICE for ya. Theres a hack that lets ya launch w/o using Origin but I dont use it. I paid $100 for premium and if they ban my acct Ill burn their house down.

btw add me on battlelog------URRmonniez

Add velosity762


Add me markus843

Add me, im cheetohsum I think, maybe cheetoh, maybe cheesum. TRY ALL THE USERNAMES!