Battery-powered Options for Keeping 100 iPad Pros Charged for 12 Hours

Hey, so someone I know is working on an event where they have 100 iPad Pros out in the field for a day and they need a way to keep them charged off-grid. They will potentially be under load constantly, so I expect the 10-hour battery life to be more like 4 or 5.

My first instinct was to use a UPS in conjunction with something like this:

Currently, they’re looking at buying a ton of battery banks and plugging charging stations into each one.

Battery Bank:

Charging Station:

But I think they’ll need a ton of those batteries. Quick google says that iPad Pro battery is 10,307mAh. Assuming that’s 12v (is it? total guess there), then that’s ~120watts, so those 250watt batteries aren’t going to go too far with 100 iPads.

A ~2000 watt UPS seems like it would make more sense, but idk how much power is lost to ineffiency of AC/DC or whatever…

Is it worth adding some small-scale solar to this configuration, just to keep some power coming into the system?

Any help is appreciated here.

It’s 3.77 volts.


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Thanks! That makes a huge difference.

I assume I could count on that 250W battery bank for 6 full iPad charges, then (figuring iPad Pro at ~40W).

Would a generator not work? You can just rent them from a hardware store.

Get some extension cords/power strips and charging paraphernalia and you should be good to go.


Too noisy apparently.

Fully charged car battery, 1000W Inverter and then the rest of your setup? TBH, that’s how we did a “portable” Wii U setup a while back with a 24’’ LCD HDMI screen, Wii U all being driven off of a suitcase with a car battery and inverter.

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Goal Zero Yeti + Nomad Solar Panel?

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