Basic Multi purpose Monitor

Hi, I'm looking for guidance on a general monitor. I've just been using my TV since I built my first PC, but now I've moved and have space for a separate monitor. 

My budget is around $150. The PC will be in a well lit room so I would prefer something without glare. My GPU is an xfx 7770 2gb GHz edition if that helps.

Thanks TSyndicate

The one I recommend is the Asus VE247. Im not too sure how much it is over there but I imagine it would be sub $150. Its what I currently using now and it suits my needs. Anti-glare matte finish screen, 2ms response time for gaming, 1920x1080 full HD, nice colors, hdmi input,. I cant remember exactly but its either 23 or 24 inch. 


For a reasonibly cheap monitor I find its great.


Hope this helped

I built my sons pc with the ASUS VH238, it has all the specs you mentioned... except I'm not sure about what size you are looking for.  Here's the pcpartpicker link with photos/description of his pc so you can get an idea as to what it looks like for reference, when you get to that site page just click on the photos & they will enlarge so you can see the details: While you are there you may want to see the monitor I used for my pc build, it's an ASUS also but it is a bit more expensive:

20 of each other. I am going to go with Asus VE247 since its at BestBuy and I have a giftcard for them to use to bring the price down lower.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.