Bands like Meshuggah? Love them

God I love Meshuggah. More of a percussive band than anything else, I'd say. Been listening to 'Koloss' for 6 months straight. Watch the video of 'Demiurge'. That's the kind of music I'm looking for.

I wouldn't mind something a little different. Just give me names. Albums that sound like 'oBzen' and 'Koloss'. 

I don't really listen to djent at all, but you should check out the bands Ne Obliviscaris and The Faceless (album Autotheism).


You could always check the "similar artists" tab of the metal archives. Gojira is a great band, but I don't think that they are too much like Meshuggah.

Dunno. They sound like being overly technical for technicality's sake. like Necrophagist for example

PERIPHERY!!!! one of my favourite bands.

If I'm not mistaken, OP asked for suggestions for similar bands and not a critique of his tastes.

'Overly' Technical? I disagree. I like the complex rhythms and patterns that they put into their music. But that's is not the reason I listen to them. I love how different the sound is. Most people just don't get Meshuggah. I know because it took me time to get into the music. I was a huge melo-death guy, I still am. It grows on you after a while.

I was hoping someone would say that <3

so so so good. So keen to hopefully catch them at Soudnwave next year.

I loved this. I guess one of my friends mentioned them a while back. But the name threw me off at first. This is great!

I've been a Gojira fan for years. Loved the new album. They don't sound anything like Meshuggah though. :D

Are Karnivool in any way similar to these two bands? I'm curious about them. I presume that you're Australian since you mentioned Soundwave....

I am Australian, but I unfortunately have not heard of that band. 

You might also want to try (all Aussie bands) In Heart's Wake, Graveyards, Confession, Parkway Drive is more metalcore but still awesome.

Sus out The Acacia Strain also.

Sensory Amusia (local band in my area, and mates with the vocalist, they're going to Japan and South Korea to tour).

Also if you're more on the instrumental side of things, check out Animals as Leaders. Tosin Abasi is an amazing guitarist. 

+1 to animals as leaders. absolutely insane and I think Misha Mansoor programmed the drums. 

I'll check it out. And best of luck to your friends for the tour. My friend's band just went to Bloodstock to play last year. I wish I'd gone with them :D

High on Fire is awesome.

another song you might like

Have you heard of veil of maya before? It's kinda stretching the similarities to meshuggah, but it's one of the best djent bands out there imo.

They aren't. They're actually a fairly simple, groove based band. Most of their songs are in 4/4 despite what people say.