Baking motherboard (Oven)

Hello Teksyndicate people, this is my first post about something I am unsure about.


So my sister has a HP 2133 which is quite known to fail on booting after you used it for a while (it overheats like crap).

So i've been searching on google/youtube etc on how to fix this, and I saw that some people bake their motherboard of their HP 2133 in an oven at 210 degrees for about 8 mins.

I know it sounds strange, but they say it is to fix the connections on the motherboard.

So I've got the motherboard out of the laptop, but not sure if should bake it; first wanna see if somebody did it before.


Did you do it before?

Did it work?

Do I need to have my attention on something while i'm "cooking"?

if it hasnt already broken i would hold off on sticking you sisters computer in the oven i know it sounds like a good idea now but in 9 mins youre going to be thinking things like "dafuq was i thinking i just put a mother board in the over and cooked it that shit doesnt even sound like something a normal person with all of there chromosomes would do cmon whats wrong with me" followed shortly by "sis you arent going to beleive this but it turns out putting you motherboard in the oven just broke it" and then you sister is gonna be all " wtf did you just say?" and maybe shell do something like hand you a gun and simply tell you to do it yourself my professional opinion is not to do this maybe if it does break so you dont have anything to lose but dont just go cooking computer parts because it "might" break

The thing is, it's already broken.

It doesn't boot anymore.


This is what I mean :

Logan did something similar with the board from Pistol's monitor. watch the vid on that, it's probably a similar deal...

If you have a heat gun you're going to have more luck I would say. Basically what you are doing is refluxing the sodder around the board connections. If you have ever tried to do this with an Xbox or PS3 (both systems are known for overheating as they were hot components with a constritive cooling system) you are pretty much doing this. The oven seems like it could work, but a heat gun is nice because its really hot for a short amount of time if you are waving it over the board. Its worth a shot either way with an overheated system, and you learn a nice little trick.

If its already broken i say do it whats gonna happen if it doesnt work? It breaks? Oh wait...

what a dirty oven omg :s :o