Badges page has missalligned header/title (mobile?)

So as in the screen shot, at least on mobile, the badges pgae has its titles cut or covered by the sites top menu bar.

I can’t check the desktop end right now.

May be you need to give a bit more information, cause it’s fine on my side…
I’m running Android 4.4.4 and using Chrome…

Hmmm maybe it is only the popular links page.

Android 5. Naked Browser.

It’s probably your browser, what rendering engine is it using?

Could be the browser…

It uses the systems webview so it’s probably that. Make sure it’s up to date. Might also consider using a different browser.

  • Android 8.0.0
  • Samsung Experience 9.0
  • Kernel 3.18.14
  • Firefox 61.0.2
  • 1080p Screen

Everything seems to be fine

The page also correctly renders as expected on Google Chrome mobile.

ignore the red tint from twilight.

Android: 8.0.0

  • Security patch level: Aug 5, 2018

Kernel: 4.4.83+

1080p screen.

Okay. That’s fine. It is just this browser then.

Oh, to clarify, i was meaning to make sure webview is up to date

It’s also the only way you’ll get security updates for that ‘browser’ as its only providing a UI front end.

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It is installed and up to date. Just a Rendering error then.