Bad Power Supply causing stuttering in games?

Can this actually happen. I know that bad PSU can cause key typing errors but this not too sure.


I have a CX500

You can check the specs of the other hardware in my profile.

I dont have a psu Tester forgot to pick one up when I bought an intel motherboard when i went out  so here is the closest thing i could get


btw the cpu was overclock to 4.2 ghz at the time of capturing this screenshot. it has went up to 4.6ghz.


In my experience when the  video card(s) are starved for power they more often than not simply crash the computer, I haven't seen it cause a stutter and keep going like that. The screen shot doesn't help a lot. Its not necessarily the volts that would be an issue but the amps. Make sure and check the requirements of your CPU and especially the video card and ensure your rails are providing enough. I would probably check the stability of your overclocks, ram test, and reinstall drivers in order to narrow down the possible issues. Plus it never hurts to buy a bigger power supply than you need. Gold or better....

-Brian Timothy


I thought it would be plenty to have with a 270x and a fx6300 overclocked with a CX 500U. Nah I my overclocks where fine still being able to play games. Just that I flashed my motherboard and it became very unstable and trying to troubleshoot what could be conflicting the BIOS version that I updated. The RAM seems fine since I ran memtest86 dual channel overnight and when I woke up it told me it had no errors while. Tried installing Windows 7 and 8 still to no avail. So I went and going to sell the moterboard and CPU together.