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Bad GPU performance on inital boot


With iGPU only there is no problem so it does indeed seem like the PSU is at fault or there is something wrong with the connection between the PCIe slots and CPU.
Sadly I don’t have any other PSUs available that have enough PCIe cables (both my GPUs need 2x8 pin) so I’d probably need to buy another PSU to be able to test that theory.


This is where things get complicated if you dont have spare parts to test with. At this point the problem is most likely something with the mobo, CPU, or PSU, as we have tested most everything else.

Maybe you know someone that would let you borrow a PSU? I hate throwing money at problems, and dont want to see you do the same.

Additionally, if you have a volt meter, you could do some basic checks on the PSU to make sure the voltages are correct. However, testing in this manner is far from conclusive, as there is no real load on the PSU, and therefore drastically reduced amperage draw when compared to normal operation. Some issues will not show up without current flow.

Additionally, if you have a spare CPU or mobo, you can try going that route as well. I usually say to go for testing the PSU, as many folks have a spare laying around, and can be easier to swap than a CPU or mobo.


I’ve installed Ubuntu (dualboot) and that has the same problem so it 100% isn’t related to OS/drivers.


I’ve installed HWinfo to monitor power draw and while in the main menu of the game osu! while the system is performing well the fps is consistently pinned to the 240 fps cap, the GPU draws about 20 Watts and the core clock sits at about 1100 MHz.
When the performance is bad the fps usually hovers around 70 and it draws about 60 Watts and the core clock goes to the maximum of 1570 MHz.

This means that the problem isn’t that it just can’t draw enough power to operate but that it is working really inefficiently for some reason.

Another weird thing I’ve noticed is that while the performance is bad the BIOS and grub are rendered in a really weird way. Every few seconds the image changes from top to bottom like a CRT scan line. I’m pretty sure this never happened with my last card but it is 100% correlated with if the system is working properly or not. Here is a video of it: