Bad ASUS motherboard - no replacement after 6 weeks waiting

Bought an ASUS Prime Z690-P motherboard in July. It worked great for a few months. Now if has failed. ASUS technical support has confirmed it is faulty. I asked for an advanced replacement. It has been over a month and they still haven’t replaced it. Ended up contacting the CEO’s office and they have been talking with the repair facility but they are saying there is nothing available to replace it. Any good suggestions? I am going to buy a different brand model to replace it since I need the system to be working, but how can I get this resolved with ASUS?

My 2 cents… I’d just buy a new one (these go for a tad over $200) and install that. This way, other than reactivating your OS and app licenses (a change of motherboards often requires this) your existing OS and app installs will be good to go. When you eventually get your Asus MB back from the repair facility – keep that as a spare. This is the strategy I used for an Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha, a much more expensive MB. The Asus repair facility eventually sent me back another one, it had a different serial number. The repair facility left repair notes in the box, and they just needed to replace (or plug-in) the OLED display – a simple fix. My MB error was a fried SOC, something I guess the repair facility couldn’t deal with. Asus themselves aren’t doing the repair – some contract repair service (often located at an Amazon warehouse or fulfillment center) is doing this for them. Yelling at Asus will achieve nothing. I sent my MB in for RMA along with its Asus Fan Extension Card II and I never received that fan card back. I just bought another Asus Fan Extension Card II off eBay for $20. This is the world we now live in. Don’t look back – that’s not where you’re going. Kick the rocks out of your way and keep going forward.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have been debating doing this.

ASUS shipped a replacement board. Installed and working out of the box.
Other than taking a long time to get a replacement, the replacement seems good.

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