Backup fails with error code 0x80070002

As the title implies when I try to use the windows back up it fails with error 0x80070002. I am trying to backup to a network storage device. I know that it is working because I am playing music from the same hard drive. I tried turning the music off which didn't help. If anyone has any other backup solutions that are automated and can go to a network device and are free I would love to hear of them.

what software are you using to backup?

The default Windows backup thing.

Take a look at this and see if anything stands out.

have a look at aomei autobackuper.


its a lot better, i have used easybcd to mount the iso toto mbr.

bassically i load it up when i go to bed or im going to leave pc alone for 30mins or so.


there is a free version and it can backup to nas, check backup and turn pc off as well (i think it can backup from within window's but i havent trued it)

from an ssd to segate baracuda to backs up at Around 100megabytes a second.


take 30mins ish for 120gb windows partition