Backplate air cooled GPU's

Hi guys.


I recently purchased two ASUS R9 280x DCU2 Top cards and custom painted the shroud white (but kept the red and black stickers). I was wondering if anyone knows if I can install the EK-FC R9-280X DCII without the waterblock (I will be painting them white also). I know it is compatible as stated on the EK site, but always says "The backplate does not serve as a standalone unit!"


I know the heatsink fins are rather close to the PCB and components but I can cope with that. I just want to know if it is possible.


I will be taking off the heatsink to put better thermal compound on so can install it then and then put it all back together with the white backplate.


If anyone has done this I would love to hear from them.

This is the final product of one of my painted ASUS R9 280X DCU2 Top card.

Let me know what you think.

One of the cards in my case

Installed one of the cards into my case. Looks rather nice.

Finished painting the Corsair RAM Modules.

I like it a lot (and I'm not a fan of the color white) but it looks epic!

Thanx man.

One more ASUS R9 280X to go.

I also have two BitFenix Spectre Pro 120mm white one Aerocool Deas Silence 140mm white fan to add to this setup in a few days

Well it is all finished.

Both R9 280X DCU2 Top cards are painted as well as the installation of my home made PSU cover and painted RAM Modules.

I do have a few white fans coming in the mail, but could not wait to get them up for you guys.

that my friend is sexy. Question... wont painting the ram "insulate" them, and increase temps? Also i wanted to say i think your fans are perfect ASIS


Not really. The inside has not been painted and the corsair heat spreaders allow air to flow inside them.

I replaced the thermal tape inside to a better quality product as well.

All in all, unless you are overvolting them, you don't really need them if your case has good airflow.

And don't forget, they are painted to begin with, and the thin coat I am putting on will be sub mm thick. It may decrease the thermal dissipation by half a degree.

damn, i think im going to paint my graphics card and ram. that shit looks so nice.

And it costs me next to nothing.

Can of matt white spray paint, double sided thermal tape, masking tape. And while you are at it, some better thermal compound for the heat sink (I used arctic silver 5).

Installed the new fans and it is looking good.

OH! Those are the fans you are talking about! That build looks sooooooo good!

Oh sorry random question. I reapplied thermal paste to my Graphics card a few weeks ago. I used arctic 5, and my temps went up nearly 10c! Did you experience anything like this when you did your cards? 

It should work, actually. The only possible issue that I can envision is the tensioner bracket for the GPU die not fitting beneath the backplate. Depending on how trusting you are, you can try removing it and leaving it off, but I'm not sure how safe that would be.