Awsome feature of vivaldi

ive just found this out with the latest beta of vivaldi and its amazing

you can put to tabs side by side vertically or horizontal or if you have enough a cube if you have a big enough screen for it to work well


Love vivaldi

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same its my favourte browser by far the only reason i dont use it all the time is its in beta so it glitches out sometimes

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Yeah, love it, didn't realise this feature was available, how do you use it?

I hope when the full program is released to use it as my "daily driver"

if you have multiple tabs together just press CTRL + F9 for what it had in the demo

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now this is productive :D

I am on Vivaldi now. I just needed to get AdBlock Plus and Its already better than chrome.

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That is impressive. Tiling in a browser. I finally might make the switch from Chrome.
Though I think this feature has been in Vivaldi for a while, since I'm using version 303.52 and I have it while Vivaldi is offering me 344.37 update. (updated though while typing)

Only have a 1920x1080 monitor so I'll probably utilize only two tabs side by side.
Maybe two tabs vertically + third on the side when I'm in a pickle.
Anything else like three side by side or four in a cube doesn't really work that well with this kind of resolution to play with.
Seriously need a new monitor..

yeah im running the same res and im doing 2X2 its not bad it depends on what type of websites you have open at the moment i have multiple tabs for the forum :D which is very handy