Avermedia PW513 - Does it work in Linux?

So I’m thinking of buying a new webcam… Probably the Avermedia PW513, but I have no Idea if it’s too new to work with Linux. Anyone who knows if it works? Don’t want to spend 2400 SEK on a brick…

Not going to buy that. I found out that Elgato have made one that is more interesting, for less money.

Not sure if Elgato is the best option for linux use… In my experience Logitech cameras are mostly just plug and play. Do some Google search on the model you are thinking of buying.

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Elgato pretty much universally does not support Linux in any capacity. The only exception is the HD60S+ that is a UVC device.
Depending where you live you can just order both, try them out, and send back whatever doesn’t work.

The PW513 supports Mac so I would wager it’s a UVC device and probably works.

Also… 2 second google search:

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Yes it’s UVC, but Type C power management is a problem as this camera needs more amperage than a typical USB-A port can provide.

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I saw a video of the Elgato Facecam, and he said that it was for Windows and MacOSx. On the screen *Works in Linux too

So that’s why I settled for it instead of the AVermedia PW513. So it will be my christmas present this year. ^^

The Elgato Facecam is supposed to work with Linux out of the box, but not the controller software, but if I use it in Windows first, it will save the settings on an onboard chip, so the settings will be saved even if you switch a computer or operating system. So I was thinking of doing that.

I have multiple USB-C ports, both on my chassi and on my motherboard. ^^ Shouldn’t be a problem.

Hope that it will bring you joy for the Christmas then :wink:

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Hope that too. ^^

Apologies for the bump, but wanted to provide an update for those searching about this.

I got PW513 during Black Friday as the deal was good. Camera + Microphone works perfectly in 1080p in Cheese and Zoom. However, if you switch to 4K, the camera glitches out and does not work. Works again if you switch back to 1080p.

Tested on Linux kernel 5.15.

You might want to update to the latest firmware as it greatly improves the picture quality. For this, you will need access to a Windows machine.

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