AV Receiver Help

For my Design and Technology major project im building an all in one / easy setup entertainment unit, combining:

- a TV unit

- Docking stations for phones and tablets

- an AV Receiver and speaker system

- Preinstalled cables for DVD players, apple TV like devices, Gaming consoles...

that reduces the amount of cables the consumer has to plug in to 1 x power cable and 1 x HDMI cable, making it simple for tech noobs to setup, allow for users to dock all their portable devices and play music and video through the system, and reduce the amount of space taken up by a home entertainment / theater system.

This product is aimed at people in apartments, who have little room to work with, and people renting, who currently have to unplug all the separate technology in the system, move them separately and reinstall it again in a new home every so often.

My problem is that i can only find av receivers with 1 x usb input for phones and my design has 2 phone docks and tablet dock. Is there one with 3 usb inputs or will I have to either have 1 dock with audio input and 2 charging docks or have a usb splitter with 3 devices inputting sound onto the one usb port?


If there is no way of having 3 wired inputs from 3 different usb devices (2 x phone 1 x tablet), do you reckon having 1 dock connected to the usb port of the receiver and 2 others connected to power and just bluetooth to the receiver?

I'd like to help you I was a custom hifi installer designer for 10 years but im confused. Are you designing the furniture or the equipment? Do you need help with picking premade equipment or are you making the equipment?

I am making the tv unit / furniture and installing pre developed equipment into the furniture to create a plug in 2 cables and go system for tech noobs

I would like help picking premade speakers, av receiver...






I would not use bluetooth for anything the audio degradation is very noticeable the sonos uses a hifi wifi connection as well as 3.5mm.

Im not sure if roomie has ir learning if it doesn't you need to find one that does or ditch/get hdmi switch in their library

This setup is light and can be completely controlled from an iphone. You would want to design a specific roomie template with appropriate ir macros for seemless control and switching. I think it only has 3 blasters so that would cover TV,cablebox,(bluray?,console,mediapc,etc)