Aux to HDMI or optical audio cable?

I just got new Samsung TV for christmas present, and I found out it doesn’t have 3,5mm Aux place and I couldn’t not put my speaker to it…

It had optical audio plug and HDMI in. So is there any kind of adapters to make it work?


Knowing the specific model would help, maybe the jack is just hidden somewhere.
Just to be sure: You want to hook up speakers using a 3.5mm jack but only have optical out?

While there are digital to analogue converters for this use case, they are on the expensive side.

So the TV has no RCA outputs?

Yes, i want to hoop up speakers 3,5mm jack cuz its the only thing it has.

No theres not.

Try the USB port. USB sound cards only cost a few bucks on amazon so that’s worth a try. Chances are you even have one that came with a headset lying around somewhere.

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In case the TV decides to not play ball with the USB soundcard, a cheap DAC:

there are hdmi adaptors that have hdmi passthrough for monitor plus jack and optical outputs for audio

Thanks, I ordered DAC. Let’s see how it works.