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I wouldn’t know. I worked for Discount Tire for 3 years but never heard of those tires.


My dad just got rid of a set Pirelli tires, that we had on our car for only 3 months.
Those were some of the worst tires i have ever experianced.
We are now back at Continentals again.


I’ve heard of them, but no knowledge of them. What’s your tire size?

Which ones and what was the problem you had? I enjoy the P Zero’s on my Benz. (nothing like the RE71R’s on my miata, but still)

I don’t think there’s anything inherently scary about it, just make sure it’s done right.



I don’t really need summers right now, but it’s hard to pass up cheap tires.


They look alright.

You’re definitely going to be getting what you pay for.

If you’re looking for some cheap stickys, grab some Yokohama S Drives and never look back. They’re a good bit more expensive, but I loved using them. The only reason I left them is they couldn’t hold the 250HP on my SC Miata.


Looks like this engine was sitting in the deepest parts of the ocean for years.


Tires are the most important component on any vehicle.
Because you said cheap tires, I can’t be your friend anymore. /s


Cheap tires with good ratings :roll_eyes:

Regardless, I’m probably not going to get them. The listing mentions that cold weather may damage the tire, and I live in Maine, so yeah. Doubly so since I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is completely sloshed most of the time up here.


fixed that for you. :slight_smile:

they look like decent tires and Riken is okay.
Have you considered Kuhmo?
I know a guy who is a Porsche mechanic and he is always telling me to get those.



I don’t actually need tires at all right now, I was just contemplating them because they were cheap and had decent ratings. For now my Yokohamas will be plenty fine.


I do need tires. I have Semprit Speedsport snow tires and they are very good with plenty of tread . . .
but I got them about 10 years ago. They have those dry rubber cracks and are very hard with no grip.



I started a community for the cause on facebook. @FormulateAIR

The mission of the community is for fans to propose ways to make Formula 1 cars aerodynamics less sensitive to dirty air, so a following car can pass, while still having the same amount of downforce.


Cars like this 2017 McLaren work in Computational Fluid Dynamics, they work in a wind tunnel, they work when they are the only car on the track. They don’t work when there are 10 cars in front of them making a turbulent wake. This weekend Kimi Räikkönen (one of my favorite drivers) got on the radio to say
"This is so boring. I can catch these guys but it’s impossible to pass."

McLaren MP4-8

This McLaren from 1993 may be a few seconds slower per lap, but at least they could race each other.


Just got my hands on this thing:


'87 Ranger. Needs a lot of work just to get it running, but I got it for next to nothing. Not sure if I want to just use it as a beater truck or make it nice. Also depending on how bad the engine is I might be putting a V8 in it instead of getting another 2.9 V6… Decisions, decisions. This all being said, it’s going to have all sorts of strange things done to it that don’t make sense for a 1/4 ton truck (tow mirrors potentially being one of them) regardless.

I’ll be starting up a Blog post when work starts getting done to it. Won’t be for at least another month though, my plow truck needs attention first since winter is coming… That thing currently only goes backwards…

'87 Ford Ranger - Fixer-upper Project

A great tech section;


Is that a 4x4?

Sounds like you’re using it to tow, what are you towing?

I bought my 99 Blazer to tow my car projects around, and it did better than I would have though, I’ve only towed 1 project so far and it got 14 MPG going 60 MPH with that load (89 Mazda 323).


Anyone run a megasquirt here? I had an MS2 and now have an MS3Pro from DIY Autotune. Just started to dable with it again. Might be getting a 2jz-gte VVTi to swap into the ole’ IS300 soon.




I don’t use ms, but I’ve got a friend with a LS1 in his E30 running it and he’s happy with it.


I didn’t know Amazon sold tires until now.



P3000´s i think they were, not fully sure.
But they didnt really do well on our Merc.
Atleast i didnt really felt that comfortable with those tires.