Automatic File moving

OK so the aim is to set up a system that will automatically move all files from a given path to a different one.
in this case i want to do this because my small and fast c drive provides nice stutter free recordings at high bit rate but if i try and record at the same level on scratch drive there will be stutters in the recording.

the paths will be as such
rec path C:\Recordings
save path F:\Recording Dump

raid 0 120gb 840 evos

mechanical drive

Thanks for the help as i'm not sure of any good solutions

A simple Powershell script or robocopy would do the trick

awesome will look into that. i have never done either of those what one would be simpler?

I use robocopy regularly. Here the link:

Just save the file as .bat and use Task Scheduler to automate it.


thank you just got it to work