Australian Beer

Hello People

It has been a while since I lasted posted but I recently turned 18 (18 is the legal drinking age in Australia) I was just wondering if anyone outside of Australia has tried Australian beer like Victoria Bitter or Four X (Fosters is not Australian) just wishing to get peoples opinion.

Cheers Toby 

As an Aussie, I only recently re-tried Four-X. It's not a bad beer. Surprising really since we really rip the shit out of it.

Anyway I was just going to say to the op. Homebrew if you can. Start prepping now for the Autumn-Winter-Spring. It really is casual brewing season(s).

Pure Blonde for me thanks.

Although not a beer but homebrew cider is pretty damn good aswell.

James squire, Matilda Bay and Matsos.

Eh? From UK but worked in a quarry in Cairns for ten months, I didn't know their was any other beer then four x in oz, i'm pretty sure none of the 12 north queenslanders I worked knew of anything else either

And yes I have tried four x, clearly you lot have to keep it ice cold so you can't taste it

that was a joke by the way, I quite liked it

Speaking as a Queenslander: screw XXXX.

Of the Macro breweries Coopers and James Squire I find to be the best. You can actually taste beer not cats piss like most of the shite from XXXX and CUB.