Aus Gaming Pc build. Need some help

Sorry guys this is my 3rd post. But i've finally come down to it and i need help with the MoBo

This is the build i finally have come to (yet again) and i'd like to know if the motherboard is fine with this build and if this is just a all round solid build and can work with WoW and LoL on max settings and be able to watch 1080p streams. This is my budget it comes to a total of $1061 including fans,cables, WiFi, postage and surcharges.

I can upgrade later on , but i'd like to know if this is capable of actually working smoothly without frying etc.

I really want to just get a solid build i'm happy with but everyone keeps changing my mind and hurting my wallet. This is stressing me out and i'd love if you a few guys can just give me positive feedback so i can get this over and done with!

Would really appreciate it. thank you guys

AU prices are so high, and the selection is so limited :/

It will probably work, but the motherboard might throttle your CPU due to the VRMs not being capable of handling the power hungry 8 core CPUs(VRM Throttling).  

I tried to stay with your budget, but the only way I can do so without downgrading components would be removing the ODD :P.  The motherboard I picked has a digital 6+2 power phase design(versus 4+1 on the asrock) and can handle the FX-8320 quite well.  The HD 7950 is equivalent to the 760/670.

And I've wired non-modular PSUs in M-ITX cases.  They're not that bad.

thats with substituting some of your ideas. that will cost me $1102. With postage, surcharges and GST

Also i'm getting WiFi and fans and a few extra cables. I cannot put in the RAM you suggested because it's not on this site that i'm buying everything from otherwise i'll have to pay double postage. If you can find me a RAM suitable on this site 95-105$ i will throw that in. Thanks

The ram you picked will work.  If you don't care about looks, the cheaper RAM kits with no heatsink will work just fine.

HD 7950: