Audiophile/Gaming Headset

Hello all

Have been watching tek syndicate now for a year and was really intrigued by the recent myth-busting audiophile videos and would like to upgrade my audio experience.

I am a big gamer as I am sure most of you are and I play a range of games from FPS to RTS and enjoy pin point sound precision, I currently own a pair of SteelSeries Siberia V2 Diablo edition. I owned a pair previously and enjoyed those just as much as my current pair.

I would like a new pair that would be used solely for music as from what I have read online the higher ohm audiophile headphones are not as good on pin point precision sounds for gaming but I may be wrong.

I would really appreciate some suggestions on headphones around £100 which at the current exchange rate is $164.85, I would only really have one requirement which is that while I have them on they sound does not leak so much. Thanks for any advice and I hope to contribute to the forums :)

I bought the Corsair vengeance 1500 recently and im waiting for i to get here, check out logans video here: