Audio Vinyl and sound recording

Ok so let me start this off by saying I've been bit by the audio bug. It all started when I switched form mp3's to flac. Then I got a sound card. A shity sound card, not worth half of what i paid for it. The creative labs sound blaster fatal1ty recon, I'm very disapointed with this card. I now have a nice pair of sony mdr-900hd headphones 5hz-80,000khz omg nice. After listening to crosby stills nash and young - deja vu, The Beatles and a few other's on vinyl with these headphones pluged into a friends receiver, I would like to create that experiance for myself. My mind was blown. The fullness of range especially in the high range was amazing. (The headphones dont to that well for loud bass, but I knew that when i bought them and I dont care for heavy base)

so what would be a good turntable to buy with the intention to output sound to a sound card to record the music digitaly

I found a Pro-Ject Debut III for $250 (i really would like to say below 400 on a turntable)

then a sound card for recording audio

and for play back

I will also need help with recording software any opensourse would be GREAT (or cheap(i dont like cheap).) and if this set up will work with linux (its 4 am my time and i have to get some sleep. So, if someone can look that up MANY THANKS!)

I know I have the play back right; with out going into tube amps, but im not going to take that 2k plunge anytime soon. what do you think about the turntable and the sound card I will most likely use analog from the turntable (dont want to risk shity analog to digital convertion) then ill take the sound from the pc to the DAC via optical audio.

Any thoughts please let me know. -Avec toute mon affection