Audio Technica or Steelseries?

Hello my friends of the forum,

I've been interested in a new pair of headphones. I was looking at the Steelseries Siberia Elites for a while and they look pretty damn nice (gotta love those LEDs too), but I was just looking at the new Audio Technica ATH-AD900x's and those look amazing as well. I'll be using them mostly for gaming, and I mean yeah for music, but that's not the main concern. Any help in justifying my decision would be awesome. Budget is not an issue since they are similarly priced. 

Peace and love,


Go with audio technica if you want pure sound quality. Go with steellseries if you want features.

i have athm50's and i am really really enjoying them.


if you decide to get a pair make sure you get the ones with the coild cable i accadently got the strait cable and its really anoying :/

Audio Technica and Steelseries cannot even be compared. Its like putting a netbook against a Desktop PC. The only downside of the Audio Technica is the lack of full range RGB lighting, which is of course vital to a good gaming experience. duh.

Do you need a mic? If so, the AG1 or the AGH1 make for great headsets.

Of course, you could just grab a mod mic or use a desktop make with the AD900Xs.