Audio Technica M50 Tek syndicate review

So I have heard lots of great things about these headphones but the question is what does the elite Tek Syndicate Community have to say about this? 

I have found it for £95 on Amazon and was wondering whether to pick them up!

  • Sound quality?
  • What is the material like? (does the white look plasticy)
  • Durability (travel) ... case recommendations?

Thanks guys!


BTW... I listen to alot of acoustic music and electronic house/trance etc.

I have a pair. I wouldn't consider myself elite, but I'm also not a complete audio noob hahaha. They sound good. People typically say they have a flat frequency response, and I would agree. Don't expect the sound quality to be the best thing ever because, honestly, look at the price point and compare that to the other more expensive brands/models. 

They're pretty comfortable. The ear padding is really comfortable after its broken in. Overall build-quality is pretty good too. It's mostly plastic, but the size adjustment mechanism has some metal, and I can't see it breaking easily at all. So it's metal where it counts the most, and, where it's not, it's still pretty decent plastic. The head band material is also not bad. I found it really tight when my pair was brand new, but it's been several months and it's pretty comfortable now.

I wear them almost every day on my commute, and they haven't broken yet. I wouldn't use them in temperatures below -10 celsius or in the rain (obviously). When not in use, they hang around the neck pretty easily. They're not too heavy and won't strain your neck.

I was a die-hard in-ear headphone guy before I got the M50s. I loved the noise isolation. But over-ear headphones have such a different sound... I suppose it has to do with sound stage and stuff... But acoustic stuff definitely sounds good. I listen mostly to rock/alternative/metal/etc. (bands like Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Bass Drum Of Death, The Orwells, The Beatles, Trivium, TesseracT) so I couldn't comment on how electronic or trance sounds specifically.

Thanks man! I can conclude from your review :"it's not bad but good" :-( shall question whether to purchase this!

I use these on occasion at work (DJ) I like them for some things, But I like my shure's and AKG K240s better.

how do they sound for DJ'ing or just in studio?

I have the M50x while my brother has the M50s and I've used the M50s enough to know that the durability with them is outstanding, I'm actually surprised my brother's cans still work good as new with how he treats cables and stuff.

Audio quality wise, they're pretty damn flat with a slightly more boomy but tight bass that isn't overpowering, and some very strong clear treble (considering that they are closed, where many do lack in treble)

The pads are super fluffy soft on my M50x and the pads on my brother's M50s are worn, but still very comfortable. My only gripe with these is that they don't have enough clamping force for me. I wear them at their smallest size and it's fine for height of the cups but there's just not enough clamping force when they're sized that far down. Very minor for me though, because when I'm out with them on, wearing a hat extends the size to the first/second notch and the clamping force is much more satisfying. With my Sennheiser HD558 I use two to four notches in size, so the M50s/M50x do pretty much have a larger fitting size and people with smaller heads will have trouble wearing them.

So far with my experience with the M50x after using the M50s on and off for about a year or so, I can say the detachable cable is VERY useful. You can use Sennheiser cables from their HD558/598 with the thin twist-to-lock 3.5mm style jack with no issues and no need for modding. (Which is super convenient for me whenever I want to use closed headphones while I'm at my PC, I switch out the cans rather than cables+unit. And this is super useful if you ever need to order a new cable for whatever reason, considering they give you a 1.5m Cable, a coiled cable, and a ~6ft+ straight cable with the M50x.

I've listened to a wide variety of music within my library from spoken word-like tracks to French Speedcore/Hypercore like stuff and Electionic styles sound very accurate with these, not much blending of sounds that I used to hear on headsets and cheap earbuds. And comparing to my HD558 they hold their ground firmly. Since taking the dampening tape out of my HD558 their mids and treble have opened up even more than they were before, without being over bearing, and the M50s/M50x don't keep up with the HD558 as much but are still very strong competition to them in clarity and luster.

The sound staging on these are also quite impressive for closed headphones, but given that they are designed for studio reference use that is expected to me. Still doesn't stand up to open designs when it comes to staging, but they surely make it up for it in their open-like range.

I'd recommend these to anyone who listen to anything that want good reliable closed headphones. So don't feel too hesitant, but if you can try out a pair first, that'd be your best bet. Most audio stores world-wide have them. (A local high fi audio store that mostly deals with super high end speakers only sells these, a few open AudioTechnica and many of Sennheisers mid-high end)

I have some and they are pretty good, pretty much everything said is above is what I think about them... but I wouldn't expect a video review from Tek Syndicate because if i remember correctly they said they don't like them in a different post...

That's the push I needed good sir. I've been thinking about a pair of M50x for a while, and the detachable cable is a clincher for me. I think it's so worth the extra £30. Thank you!