Audio Technica ATH-M50X

So I'm 14 and I recently got a job at KFC (Yay Me) So thats been awesome and I'm really enjoying it and the best thing is that I earn my own money.


So all my headphones have broken at the cord (because my little siblings think that headphones are toys) and I've been looking at the Audio Technica ATH-M50X mainly because they are good for the money and the whole detachable chord thing is a HUGE selling point for me, so I ask my mum if she can buy them for me because I cant use a debit card online, next thing you know it she's yelling at me telling me how I'm wasting my money and that I told her that I would save my money.

I'm posting this because I need someone's opinion to change my mums mind and show her that she's being unreasonable.

 Just to add, We did have an agreement that my mum is not allowed to control my money and what I spend it on and I opened up my own account with no parents accounts with it.

She trusted me because I saved up for 2 years with no job or pocket money for a PC


Did you tell her that you would save your money? If so, it might be good to explain to her how much you have saved and then compare it to the cost of the headphones.

Obviously if the cost of the headphones is the same or close to the amount you have saved your mum MAY have a point. The headphones are £120 on amazon, how does this compare with how much you earn? I imagine thats quite a bit of work.

You might also want to explain to her why you want to buy these headphones and why your other ones are broken.

I never got this reaction from my parents, but then again I was good at saving even when I was very young. She has to know you can be responsible with money, if you think you are prove it to her


Why can't you use a debit card online? I do all the time.

Maybe wait a bit if you only just got the job and are effectively blowing you whole first pay packet on them.

Why not tell her/ask her if you could give her say $25 a week until you have the whole amount.  That way she can see that you can save for things, and if she has to buy it for you, she has the whole amount up front and it doesn't cost her anything.  It will only take you 4 - 5 weeks at that rate.

Sorry I meant eftpos card not debit and I found a pair for 169 on eBay where as PCCG has them for 199 so I might be able to convince her and yeah I think that $25 a week isn't a bad idea but my mum has taken money from me in the past and still hasn't given it back and she admits that she did and we are pretty well off financial i just gave her money for her to look after and POOF

You mentioned PCCG - are you in Aus?  If your in the ACT i have a pair of M50's if you want a hands on look before buying - may even sell them to you 2nd hand cheaper than new.

M50's are awesome, but a pair of AKG K240's are a cheaper and more durable solution. Had you and your mother been discussing buying a car or some other more pressing issue she may feel you are possibly skirting by buying these headphones? She may be wanting you to buy a car for yourself instead.