Audio-Technica ATH-M30 vs ATH-M50?

I keep hearing raves about the ATH-M50's and how great they are. I got the ATH-M30's a while back for $45, and these are hands down the best headphones I've ever owned. I much prefer them even over Corsair Vengeance 1500's. But I can't help but wonder how much better are the ATH-M50's are? What am I missing out on?


Does no one have any insight between these two headphones?

There won't be too much of a difference. M50s are going to sound a bit clearer, and probably have a better bass, but you're not missing out on too much. If you were to get into the higher-end pair of Sennheisers, then you would notice a very distinct difference, but you wouldn't really benefit from getting the M50s.

I'm assuming the high end Sennheisers would be north of $200, right? Almost unanimously, I hear the M50's are the best headphones under $200. I wouldn't exactly call myself an audiophile, but I enjoy clear audio, and am definitely picker about my sound than most people. Wouldn't pay more than $100 for headphones though. However, I saw the M50's drop to $120, so I was wondering if it could be justified upgrade. By the sound of it, probably not. Thanks for your insight.

Check out the JVC HA-RX700

They're only like $30 and are supposed to be pretty nice.