Audio keeps switching between tablet and headphone jack how to fix?

I guess tablets go in the gadgets section, im not sure.

Anyways, heres whats happening.
I use my tablet to play music in my car, it goes from its headphone jack, to a Fiio E05 amplifier and then to a 5w FM Transmitter. Until recently (few weeks ago) I came across this issue where music would stop playing to the transmitter and start playing from the tablet and it would constantly switch between the 2 over and over every second or so.

This only happens when hooked up to the setup listed above, headphones in, it never does this. I thought maybe I had a bad connection, so I switched every cord for a new one and got the same results.

I thought maybe it was the PowerAmp player, so I tried to use Google Music player and I noticed the audio would keep toggling the mute every second or so. So I get 2 different results in how the audio behaves depending on the player.

It would especially act up if I was to charge the amplifier while using it... I tried removing the amplifier and hooking it directly up to the FM Transmitter, the audio would still toggle between the tablet and the transmitter every second or so.

Maybe it was the Transmitter? Well I have a 2nd FM Tranmitter, tried that and still got the audio toggling issue.

Maybe it was my tablet? So I decided to default back to using my PS Vita to play my music, and sure enough the audio toggling issue was STILL occurring..

At this point Im at a standstill trying to figure out the issue... Maybe its the amplifier? I could try getting a new one of those, thats the only thing I have yet to try replacing.

The tablet is a Nvidia Shield Tablet for those curious.