Audio in games isn't working correctly

So the audio in some of my games isn't working right and im not sure how to fix it. For example when im playing Skyrim or DayZ I cant hear audio from my left headphone. Some of the audio works like the music but footsteps, gunshots and pretty much everything else can only be heard from the right headphone (keep in mind this is when im in first person mode). However when I go into third person the I have no problem with the audio, everything works great. This is very annoying and I have no idea what caused this problem and I don't always want to play in third person. Some games like CS:GO don't have this problem and the audio is fine. Does anybody know what might have caused this problem? Im using the Logitech G930 headset and I havent had this problem before. One day I turned on my PC and Iv got this problem. I haven't changed hardware or anything so I don't think that's the issue. Iv tried updating the drivers for both my headset and the audio drivers from my motherboard and it didn't fix the problem. If anyone could help me fix this I would greatly appreciate it because if not im going to re install windows and everything else. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I wasn't sure where this would go.

See if the the headset does the same thing on another machine, if so RMA it. If not, uninstall anything related to the device and re-install even an older driver version.