Audio Clipping

Wasnt sure where to put this, but I have a problem with my pc when I leave it on for over lets say 12hrs. After that point in time when i go to listen to music my audio just clips and pops all the time. If I restart my pc and start some music again its perfect. I know its not my headset cause it does it with any headset. Any ideas on what it could be?





Check what dpc latency you are getting - noticed you have an am3 gigabyte board. Could very well be the culprit. 

If un-installing and re-installing every driver you have, bios updates etc dont work then try the following.

>run this and read this if you're getting nasty spikes

Anything more than 500ms is bad. Ideally it should be well under 100 (mine is around 45-50).

things that will help;

>disable all power saving options in the bios.

>uninstall any gigabyte bloatware - easytune etc.

>clean out any old codec packages and install fresh ones.

>the dpcmon will state which driver is causing the spike if there is one - can be as simple as a foul usb driver, wifi driver, or to a more serious sata controller issue. It shouldnt be your gpu driver that is fouling the process calls, AMD's drivers have been really good for that the last few generation.

If it is DPC related and this is a new occurance then you can RMA the board.

Either way post back your results if you can of the dpc latency monitor app.

Well is acctually days I have a Asus board. But I'll look into those things anyways. Thanks.

sorry yeah must clicked on another peeps profile, my bad. Same thing goes though, most am3 boards suffer from bad dpc. Fingers crossed for ya.