ATX/mATX cases with horizontal motherboard placement

So I'm looking for cases where the motherboard is laying flat.

So far I've found Node 605, which seems awesome and I might choose it if I can't find anything else, but it's a bit on the expensive side.

Note that I'm not looking for HTPC case. Silverstone makes lots of those, but they often compromise on ventilation or something else. I need it for housing a powerful machine, not a media player.

cooler master haf xb

Thermaltake core V21, mATX. You can mount it either way (horizontal or vertical) in this case, and all the side panels can be swapped around I believe.

Corsair Air 240, mATX. This case can be stood with the motherboard vertically or horizontally.

Corsair Air 540, ATX. Same as the 240, but bigger.

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The HAF XB is freaking huge. Do not expect something that fits easily in a livingroom.

Really? It doesn't look like huge. I wonder if there was like a comparison chart somewhere?

I actualy own one its not that its huge but its wide you can see it standing next to a corsair 200r here.

I had one let me find pics

This is the only one I could find. I had this case in my living room, this is a 51'' TV. The case is pretty huge.

Damn. In that case I'd stick with the Air series, even if it's only a mATX it gives you a lot of options. But the vertical position needs to have custom made feet, right?

No I think there's feet for vertical and horizontal

Not the Air 240, they come with 3M rubber feet that you can stick on to set whichever orientation you want. The Air 540, however, does not have that option out of the box. Has feet preinstalled, and I've never tried removing them.