Atx cases in a rack

Hello all, is there any traditional pc cases that can be laid effectively In a rack? Meaning sizing will allow for effective stacking of the cases within a small rack. Not sure I want to go that route but planning ahead. Thanks!

By chance Wendell mentioned this in a very recent video, at least within the last week. It was an old case but perhaps you can find dimension spec?

Might have been this video Icy Dock PCIe Means More M.2 - YouTube

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I have two Rosewill RSV-4000 cases. I would buy them again.

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I believe it was! Thank you I know I heard it somewhere binging on YouTube half asleep lol.

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No worries fella :+1:

That’s definitely a good low budget option with excellent airflow. I was looking at that same model for a future rack plan for my gaming rig. :+1:

More broadly, what you’d be looking for in an atx case is 19 inch max height and front to back airflow. Top or bottom airflow (i.e. sides once oriented in the rack) would depend on your rack. Rack height wise, 1U = 1.75", so your typical 4U case is ~7" wide. Though, most desktop cases these days are probably 5U (especially with the graphics cards of late).

The use of a Fractal Torrent Compact in a rack was also mentioned in another review Wendell did, for what that’s worth: You Can't Download THIS Torrent! It's Compact! - YouTube

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More an HTPC case, but the Silverstone Grandia series, have a few ATX friendly variants
*Just need the accessory rack ears

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I have this case sitting on a shelf in a standard 19" rack

cooler master haf case

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Thank you all for your help! It’s most appreciated!


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