Attention Corsair RM 750 and RM 850 Owners

There's a potential thermal issue with your PSU as per this thread :


Logan are you still using your 850?

I'm so Glad this didn't affect my RM 650w.

Hmm... Yes, I do still have the 850 and have had zero problems. 

My RM 650w kicked it after 10 minutes of use! Waiting for my replacement from amazon currently.

Here's the thread:


I have a RM 1000W.... no problems .. it was runing 24h/24h ... will give a heads up if there is anything

So far my 750w has been fine.

Good post, very applicable to us Aussies at the moment - an ambient temp of 35c at the moment is considered an average day.

That's unfortunate for you then.

another problem with corsair power supplies ... a friend of mine had some issues too not from the RM series i think it was the GS series ... another motive to goo with XFX on my next build ... 5 Years of warranty on the lowest (80+ Bronze) series you can't beat that my friends ;) ... and i dont know why but for what i have been seeing from crosair ... the stuff they are putting out to the market are having some problems for exemple the 900D have some terrible build quality ... and you can see that on the Hardwarecanucks review ... im going to stay a way from corsair as long as i can ... (this is just me and my opinion don't crucify me ..please)

Zero problems over here. Have 5 rm750's running 24/7 in a room with 35-40 °C ambient temps. All my cases work with possitive air pressure so i think that keeps them cool and running.

Thanks for the heads up.

My Corsair RM 750 has been fine so far, my system restarts on its own without a BSOD - probably caused by a wrong amount of voltage applied to my overclock. I can't surely blame the PSU or any other parts in my system, just the CPU chip alone.