Attempts for VFIO in Void Linux?

So I have everything up and running but after so much work in both another thread and on my own I flat out cannot get VFIO going in POP_OS. So I’m looking at other OS’s now instead of POP. It’d be nice if it’d just farkin work though.

So, now I feel I need to ask the people who’d know, how impossibleis it in general to get VFIO stuff working on other platforms such as Void Linux? I understand I’d need to build OVMF and Seabios and all that myself, but big woop I have a 3900X.


Just installing Fedora and seeing what happens. Problem is I don’t like fedora. I had bad experiences with 13, 16, 18, 23, and 25. But… I have actually up to date hardware now… So… it’d probably be completely fine.

I would rather have Void but it will take me eons to setup. In the long run it would be absolutely worth it though. What do yall think?

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Late but I think Void is a good choice.
It’s a little special but man; things just work

from a preliminary check on the old reddit it seems some are having good experiences with GPU passthrough

In my experience Nvidia drivers just work on Void; unlike Mint/Ubuntu/UrMom