Atom C2750 with Transcoding Plex?


Im curious the see how well transcoding works on this Intel Atom octa core. I saw the review from wendell on the youtube and he mentioned that he could stream on 4 devices at the same time. However, i believe those were in-home streams and not outside which makes a difference. I would basically use it to stream outside of the home.

this might be off topic but im deciding between the
Intel Atom C2750
Intel Xeon E3-1220L v2

Because the Atom one i would build myself and that pc would cost me 730 and the Xeon build would be a HP
ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 and costs 640 bux.

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I'd go with the Xeon, workstation chips are more what you're after.

So I've done some more research and according to the passmark scores, the 8 Core atom is slightly faster then the Xeon. Very surprising although being as the Xeon is a dual core + HT AND is a couple generations old low power chip, I should have guessed better xD. Whether you deem it necessary to spend a little bit more for the Atom system is up to you. Judging from the passmark score, the atom is in the ballpark of 5-7% faster. The addition of more cores on the Atom would (at least logically) lead me to believe its going to be faster to transcode. My initial thought (and likely @ipat8's) thought was that its either a quad core with no HT or a quad with HT. This not being the case, I'd spring for the atom personally but its not a huge difference either way.

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thank you guys for the fast reply. I also saw on the website that they said a cpu needs to have a passmark score of 2000 to be used properly for this kind of use. @thecaveman do you happen to remember what passmark score you were able to achieve?
Ya i guess the atom build would be the better way to go because with the HP i would be limited to 4 HDD bays and with the Super Micro itx board i would have around 8, sadly my country doesnt sell the asrock mobo.

thanks guys.

@ipat8 the problem is i compaired them on the intel ark platform because i wasnt sure what the "L" had to do at the end of the 1220L so i saw its different then the 1220 since its a dual core with 4 threads instead a quadcore with 4 threads, and the atom seemed to be equal in most cases.

ps. nvm found the passmark scores on the passmark website...

Any Intel processor with the letter L in the name stands for low power.

actually i did some more research today, and found out that i can upgrade the HP MS Gen 8 myself, meaning the cpu is not soldered on. Then i could buy the cheapest one with the Celeron for 310 bux and buy a xeon e3-1265LV2 for 300 bux and get 16gb of ecc ram and it will come cheaper and i get a hardware controller for raid. Also the passmark score is around > 8000 which is great for a low power 45W TDP. In addition there are mods where you can add a raid controller to add more drives to this little server. the only draw back is it only supports 16gb ram.