ATI Power connector

I purchased a new Power Supply and motherboard for a new build and have a question that I am sure someone can answer.
The motherboard is an ASRock H97M has a 4-Pin ATX CPU power connector on it, the Aerocool Rave 500 Watt power supply does not have this type of connector but has I believe a 8- pin power connector. Am I right in thinking that I can plug the 8-Pin into the 4-pin connector by using half of the power supply 8-pin connector?
If so, does it matter what end of the 8-oin connector to use?

Thanks in advance.

The cable should be able to split in 2 4 pin connections usually, also never heard of that brand, seems fine upon a google search though

Yes you can and no I don't think it matters which side you plug in. Either both will fit and it doesn't matter which you use or only one will fit in which case use that one.

Wow what a great level of response, I am so proud to be a member of this site.

Thank you every one!


If you want to get into the technical nitty gritty, the ATX-12V (four pin) and EPS-12V (eight pin) actually share the same pinout setup with the half of the pins closest to the clip being 12V and the half of the pins furthest away being ground. This makes them more or less completely compatible with each other (plugging a 4-pin plug into an 8-pin motherboard may be iffy, but not the other way around).

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Thank you, great follow up!