Athletic Headphones That Are Not Earbus

Hey everyone, I am looking for some headphones for running, biking, rollerblading, etc.  I have very tiny ear holes, so ear-buds are not an option.  Trust me, I have looked.  I had some headphones a while ago, but they broke and didn't work great in the first place, When I would bike, I couldn't even hear the music because the headphones sat on top of my ears and caught a lot of wind.  I have some Sennhieser hd 280 pro's and I love them, but I can't run with them, but I think having headphones that go around the ears would be beneficial.  I am not sure in there is anything out there for me, but I would like you hear what you guys think.

Would you be willing to go with bluetooth?

they've been going down in quality since i started buying these years ago, but they're still the best designed ear buds of all time

i guessing you meant more the in ear type you can't use, these are shaped like the standard style but kindof sit half way in at an angle

I would prefer not to, because currently my music player does not have bluetooth

I have tried thing like this, but i could never get them to work for me, maybe I just need to try some more out, but I think a just want headphones

Those are way too expensive, the sound quality is not a priority when I am exercising.  I was thinking to spend no more than 40$, preferably about 20$ 

earbuds are really the only usable types of headphones when running, jogging, or the like.

The rest are pretty heavy and will fall out of your ears. 

That's kind of what I was thinking, I was just hoping there was a product out there I had not heard of, but thanks for you help

Found it. Quality is sub-par, but they'll work for your needs.

Thanks, I forgot about that kind; I had tried that kind years ago, but ignored them because they sounded like crap.

Check these out, probably won't find much better for the price that fits your needs

I would imagine that those would fall off a lot if you start jogging, or you're going really fast on a bike.

If I saw someone jogging with over-the-head earphones, I would probably run them over.

Well the Sony MDR-G45's are a good headphone to go with. That are only $15-20

Those look nice. I think they will solve the problem of the wind creating too much noise

The one's I had were very similar to those, but the wind would catch and be so loud that I could not hear the music.

They are pretty loud. I used them for about 2 years a pair. I kept wearing out the right speaker

It wasn't that the headphones were not loud, but when I'm going 20 MPH, the wind catches and makes even more noise.

Koss ksc75. They are clip on ear headphones. No noise isolation at all, but the quality is unreal for a $20 pair of headphones. Have worn them on rides, jogging etc. Its a shame the went through the wash and died.

I do like koss headphones, so right now I am debating these ones, and these Philips headphones.

I don't listen to music too often when I run, more so when I bike so I am leaning to the heavier Phillips headphones, but the koss ones are tempting