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Atari VCS is getting an upgrade


When the Atari VCS Kickstarter was started back in 2018, the APU inside of was speculated to be an A10, APU using old AMD CPU cores and R7 Graphics. I recently received an update on the project which states that it’s going to get an upgrade!

The blog post says that it’s now going to be using “a 14nm AMD processor featuring high-performance Radeon Vega graphics architecture and two “Zen” CPU cores
This will delay the release a bit (End of 2019) as switching the whole board out it a pretty big thing but it’s definitely a good move.

Link to the blog post:

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Seems more like a side grade in GPU performance and a mild upgrade on CPU side of things.

Great for emulation though since the APU is much faster in single core than an AMD A10 or something.



Taking a quick look at wikipedia and the blog post stating that it going to be an “Embedded chip”, it’s probably going to use the “V1202B” which looks equivalent to a slightly lower clocked R3-220U.

Here’s a basic benchmark I found though the embedded chip’s numbers do seem to be a bit off (1 sample doesn’t help) , it does seem to be an improvement at no extra cost to backers!