Atari 1040ste

Hi All

Names Ian I am a new guy thought some of you may be interested in this old Atari I acquired sat in a shed for 15 years. Belive our not it still works and came with 100’s of games.



Hanging in my office given to me by Leonard Tramiel who did a lot on the ST.

Yes Please!

I actually was a big time Atari ST developer/importer in the day. I met Jack Tramiel and met with his son’s who ran the company many times. Did Atari trade shows across the US, Canada and Eroupe.

Miss those days for sure.



I had a 520 and 1040STFM back in the day, great machines. Was hard to get games for them, only one store in my town sold software otherwise it was buy online that was stupid expensive. The Amiga 500 was the cool PC then and i definitely had a bit of envy for those people. Still, a lot of great memories on that PC.

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