AT&T Offer fiber... but if you want privacy you pay an extra $29

This is just crazy. I would use a vpn just to get around this if ATT were my online choice for fiber.

What are your guys thoughts on AT&T charging $29 to not track you?

Well its terrible and evil but not as bad as Comcast, who just tracks you regardless of how much you pay.

To me it looks like they are offering to subsidize the cost of the fiber with advertising.  If you don't want the targeted advertising from them then you need to pay the difference.  I think anyone would be a fool to think that paying that fee means that they would track you less than any other isp.

Even if it may appear that they are subsidizing fiber cost with ads that's not the whole story or the truth. We the tax payers have already paid for fiber....

$200 Billion in fact.


thats some 1984 shit right there.

Correct. I already subsidized the infrastructure. 

sadly, many will pay up