Asus Z87 Expert or MSI Z87-GD65?

Pretty much the title, Wanna get a i7 4770k.. Need a new mobo..
torn between these two, price isnt an issue for me.. but not willing to spend way over 300 on a mobo..

Any other suggestions are appreciated.. Thanks :)

Asus Z87 Expert

MSI Z87-GD65

if i had to choose between those 2 boards, i would choose for the Msi GD65 gaming. This board has some cool gaming feutures, and also a better powerphase design, 12 powerphases. then the Asus expert only 8 powerphases..  and its cheaper.

But the Asus expert has bluetooth and Wlan onboard,the msi doesn´t. so thats something to keep in mind.