Asus X99 Deluxe BIOS speaker does not work. No beeps. System is running fine. What can I do?

Hello humanz!

I have an Asus x99-deluxe. Sadly in the last few weeks I made a couple of mistakes and all but destroyed two PCIe slots – not to worry they still work, but the plastic at the end broke of.

Sadly one of the things I recently found out is that my pc speaker/beeper [4 Pin (really two pin with a four pin layout)] is not beeping. I replaced it several times but it still doesn’t beep even though the mainboard posts and goes into UEFI BIOS on command as expected.

I didn’t find ANYTHING eluding to behaviour like this… It used to work…

Maybe bios setting, doesn’t the board have dr debug led

It has a debug LED but I don’t remember turning anything off. What would the entry be called? I can’t find anything on the web about something like that…

What are you trying to use that sound for, actual audio?

No just want the beeps back. No particular reason. Board works so no further debugging necessary right now. I just don’t get why it isn’t working and it’s driving me up a wall :smiley:

What damage did you do to the board? Maybe that is why the that isnt working either?

No idea. Basically none afaik just the plastic holders of the PCI slots broke off… Should in theory change nothing. But maybe something else broke unrelated to that…

I also have troubles from time to time with the DRAM errors 33, 60, 61 and so on so I assume that a PIN is bent but it’s not in any way fixable for me right now and changing the pressure the cooler exerts on it from time to time seems to fix that. It’s showing all 8x8GB sticks at right now 2666MHz.
But again, no idea what that has to do with anything.

Maybe a cap or fuse blew somewhere? But what tooling would I need to check that?

I would probably just ignore it as DR Debug does everything you need and you aren’t using it for actual sound. But you could use a multi meter if you wanted to check on board components

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I’m going to ignore it for now, will measure it when I’ve got more time in December. Would really love to know what’s going on though.
If anyone has any other ideas I’m all ears.

Thank’s for the input @mutation666.



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