ASUS x570 TUF Issues Enabling Resizeable BAR

Hello and good day,
I have decided to share my experience enabling resizable BAR on my ASUS TUF X570 PLUS Wi-Fi in order to save others with my issue some time in the future.

I will begin with the fix. I had to remove my internal capture card in order for my Windows Install to not fail device discovery. I believe this is because my old capture card, an avermedia from 2011, was being seen as a GPU according to the Motherboard. I am not planning to investigate further, but I will update if a new capture card gives the same issue when installed.

The way this issue manifests is as follows.
After enablement of Resizable BAR, the computer begins a restart, with the mobo logo present on splash, and device discovery (spinning circle) underway. It will fail to proceed from this point, even with hours of time to try.

I confirmed and rectified the following prior to reaching this roadblock:

BIOS updated to max (4805)
vBIOS on GPU updated (used precision x1 to update my 3070ti)
converted my MBR install of win 10 to UEFI
Set all flags needed in mobo (csm off, etc)

and then I ran into this issue. There was no other documentation of this present online based on my search, so I decided to document it even though the real answer, as always, is strip a machine down to basics and add parts until it fails, the isolate the issue etc. from my perspective, all things were correct, and I wager that on a different board or GPU pair this issue does not occur.

Here is a list of parts relevant for the build, items that I believe impact this behavior:

AMD r9 5900x
EVGA RTX 3070ti
AverMedia Game Broadcaster HD C127 Capture Card

I am happy to answer questions if I can.

Has anyone else encountered this, or was it so basic of an issue nobody reported it?

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