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Asus X570 Prime Pro PCIE Bifurcation

I have a bunch of NVMe SSDs that I want to use to create a ridiculous raid array. They are all PCIE 3.0, so I want to use the ASUS hyper m.2 expander because my motherboard only has 2 m.2 slot.

So my question is can I set my 1st slot (gpu) to x8, to free up some pcie lanes to set my second slot to x16, for the m.2 expander, which will need to bifurcate into 4 * x4 slots for it to work.

This should theoretically get 12gb/s on 4 Samsung 970 evos, but I am worried the bottleneck will be the connection between the dual chiplets of 3700x. Will this be a bottleneck?

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I want to do the same thing. Did you get a good result trying this? Was the X570 pro able to bifurcate the x16?