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Asus X507MA Laptop OS suggestions

Hi, Guys, I would really sound very dumb saying this but I Recently got a budget laptop

Asus X507MA with intel Pentium N5000 4gb ddr4 ram.

Windows 10 work like shit it’s laggy slow and barely usable on my machine.
I tried Using Ubuntu18.04, Mint19.1, OpenSUSE15.1, KDE neon, but still not satisfied with the performance all of them fell laggy.
I tried to install older versions of ubuntu and mint but got some weird graphics issues.
If someone here could suggest me what to do other than throwing away my laptop.

I am currently running a very unofficial hack of windows called windows 10 pure.

try puppy linux… though in the end i would recommend a slightly more powerful machine anything thats isnt a pentium

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will puppy be good for some development work i am learning web dev and python and other stuff?

as puppy is ubuntu based you can probly get alot installed with apt. so yeah you can do pretty much anything like any distro its just puppy is mainly focused on ease of use and low memory footprint great for low power machines and older machines.

puppy is like ubuntu with flavors lubuntu kubuntu etc…
puppy will have something for you.

cool i will check it out thank you

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not fully satisfied with puppy.
any other alternative ? if possible? :pray:

Elementary is another option but I don’t know with the pentium.

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You need to be using light weight desktop environments with this. It has the very base of the Intel hd600 igpus.

I would go with xubuntu or Ubuntu mate.

Nothing is going to feel super responsive without some tweaking for speed I’m afraid. I would put stock windows back on it and change some things to get the most out of it.

You could go the chromeos route.


Maybe it’s time to get into window managers? Openbox is similar in handling to most DE’s (floating, not tiling). i3 is popular with many tutorials on how to set it up.
I’d vote for a Debian Netinstall with XFCE (for some of the needed gui Apps). Then throw a window manager of your choice on it and be done.

Also, most RAM and CPU problems on such a machine will probably come from your Webbrowser. With the modern websites, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Qutebrowser is pretty nice and minimal though. Takes some getting used to but works really well.

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basically this. linux web browsers are poopoo and windows web browsers are resource hogs.


I bought X507MA without OS.
N4000 processor

I installed Debian 10.1 with xfce.
I installed google chrome browser.
I’m happy. :slight_smile: