Asus x470-i ITX Linux Install problem

Hey all,

Can’t seem to install Linux on this motherboard.

Anyone else have this issue? Tried Manjaro, Mint, and Fedora…no dice.

I made sure Secure Boot was set to Other OS and everything I know to do…


What’s the error you are getting?

I got it to work now.

At the post screen I hit ESC and the selected “Start Mint”

In started off the live USB and I installed from there. Everything is working now.

Decided to Go with Mint for my wife since she is running her business off this computer and I think the new Time shift will be very helpful of something ever goes wrong for her.

I have Manjaro on my computer now as well since I was trying to verify if the USB was the problem. Will toy with it this weekend and then decide if I’m going to stick with it or go back to Fedora or go ahead and get Mint as well so we are on a unified system at home…