Asus Wrx90 Parity Errors / Crashes With Kingston & Gskill Ram

I see you have a ton of stuff connected to your PC. Have you tried leaving just a mouse, keyboard, one monitor and only 1 GPU in PCIe slots and check stability again?

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Kinda but but not fully. I may have to try something similar to that just to figure out were the weak link is.

So i swapped out my trusty evga T2 1600w titanium power supply for the seasonic 1600w titanium. It having the 12v hp cable included with it will help a lot with future wire management once i start patching up this system.

The evga is clearly fine, as i am still getting the restarts even with most things disconnected from the system. i really need to get a hold of ram on the qvl list for this board.

The system otherwise runs 100% perfectly but the restarts are pretty detrimental. It’s been difficult figuring this all out…. no end in sight with this issue for now .

On the first board i got remembered to take off that plastic on the back of the board l. This board is very robust and i don’t think it’ll be an issue but doyou guys think i should definitely remove that plastic ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback provided .

Some plastics are toxic and cancerogenic under heat up. Better take it off.

The plastic has been removed off the back of the board and i had to do some major wire management / repairs to fan wires from using zip ties on certain wires then having to cut them loose.

Disclaimer: Use valcro ties wherever you can in the system vs zip ties unless you know 100000000% that you aren’t going to ever be needing to undo the wire managment.

Once i get the wire situation under control, now that I have moved over to this new PSU, i can continue trying to figure out whats going on with these spontaneous restarts and 0d erros.

I have disconnected most every from the system and still have managed to get this issue despite having a new board & psu now.

I still have not gotten a hold of any ram on the qvl list …lots of testing ahead still sadly…getting closer to were i want to be though hopefully.

An asus bios Update really is in order big time. @wendell Any updates on the motherboard situation ?

What was it that was going on with the board that you said was acting funky ?

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yeah, still waiting on rma. I have been able to resolve the issues on the other boards people have mailed in by fiddling with the mounting pressure, or sockets, or filing down the mounting screws on their heatsinks.

I am picking up another WRX90 and will work on it some more this weeekend.

I am ~2 weeks into the asus rma process, too, for a board that goes beyond stability issues.

are you saying you took the rear protector off of your motherboard? idk I would do that… I am not sure it isn’t needed thermally.

I for sure have one board that is going to require asus rework.

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@wendell No definitely not. There is the same packing plastic on the back plate of the board thats all over the front of the motherboard when you first open it up . Definitely not a good idea to take any of that stuff off of the board.

Mounting pressure with the heatsink has caused issues too ? This Arctic cooler heatsink i have does mount pretty aggressively on the board…of all of the issues which method seemd to help most? Cpu socket pressure adjustments or heatsink mounting pressure adjustments?

What is going on with the board that is going to need a rework?
Are you as well planning on using this board for one of your primary work systems ?

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Ill take some pics later. Yeah hopefully this will be my main machine. Waiting on asricks final revision though

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Awesome! Look forward to seeing them. Yeah it will be interseting to see what asrock has going on but again, really not a fan of there build quality as far as plastic materials based on my experience with the Asrock Creator Wrx80 which i just so happen to be getting ready to ship out to someone now that i just sold it today.

What is the primary ram that you have been using in your systems? As well what power supply ?

Uh-oh. I have the same cooler, so we’ll see if I end up in the same situation. The final component arrives tomorrow but although I’ll can begin assembly right away, I won’t have time to really test things until mid next week.

I’m curious to know if the mounting pressure issues were that it was too tight, too loose, or uneven. That screws needed to be filed down makes it sound like the screws bottomed out but needed to be tightened further?

Arctic is good. Old enermax spacers are a bit sketch

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Wow…what a process this all continues to be…

So the new powersupply is now installed and is running accordingly. The wires on the Seasonic 1600W really are so much nicer than the ones that came with the EVGA T2 1600. Both are great PSU’s but it’s clear which one is newer/better designed aesthetically speaking. I can actually quite easily close the french doors on the 1000 D now so that is nice.


I have disconnected all of the hardware from the system and ran it with just 1 gpu connected…the issue still happens. It’s totally random and does it when ever it wants. Could do it 3 times in a row. …could not do it for 5 hours. Error reporting is sparse. This is the most madening issue I have ever experienced.

This computer runs 100% how I want it too when it is on…its the perfect computer for me…accept that it restarts whenever it wants then often get stuck on 0d upon restarting. With power off then power on, It boots right back up.

Occasionally the computer has been doing fine then just freezes but rarely… Twice so far.

My 4090 shows up tomororw and hopefully it works well in the system…i don’t think adding more hardware in the system is going to resolve anything but this is the situation currently.

I have even disconnected the front panel accesories thinkning maybe that could be causing something weird…

A side from my power grid , I am truly at a loss as to what could be causing this. I have repalced everything in my system accept the case at this point. I guess i could pop out some of the onboard nvme’s but besides needing them for my system to function, I highly doubt these are the issue.

I am essentially waiting with baited breath for a quality Bios update from Asus…but it seems as though I am the only one with this specific varient of the 0d issue…not really sure were to go from here…

AMD stated that the trx40/SP3 coolers are mechanically compatible, but the pressure requirements have been changed to more tighter. Noctua and Silverstone offer upgrade kits for compatibility. Could this problem be related to older coolers with insufficient socket pressure?

It might be worth wheeling the pc to be closer to an outlet to test for an hour or two.

I supose it might only cOst $100 to build an ar.ored 12/2 extension cord that wont hsve voltage droop if that works

That’s… A lot of cables back there… If you continue to have trouble I might suggest you take the build out of the case for testing on the Mobo box

All those cables is just asking for a ton of emi bouncing around in there