Asus WRX80 Sage - IPMI/BMC remote management - display header

Anyone have experience using the VGA display header on the board? If so, where to purchase and will the keyboard connected to my computer actually work with the system off?

Mine came with the vga header.
It works while the system is on and you get a mirror of the OS system display up to the point the OS graphic drivers take over. (edit) I occurred to me that the graphics driver in windows did load for the vga header, but it was very low res ( as it would have been ) and I got tired if windows picking that display device instead of my gpu so I disabled it. (/edit)
Keyboard and mouse work on the OS side so if you are trying to run a gpu-less system I would access the IPMI over IP and then run the KVM from there.
I tried this earlier today, so unless I am wrong, the IPMI may be “active” mine was not on and available when the system was plugged in but not on.
I use the same ethernet port for the IPMI/BMC and OS. Don’t know if that matters.